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Hi friends, my name is SM Shawaz Khaled, I am civil engineer. I graduated from University of Manchester in 2009 with a civil engineering degree. Currently, I am working for anengineering consultancy firm in Bangladesh.
When, I was a civil engineering student I was looking for solved examination question problems to enhance my understanding particularly in the field of structural mechanics. Now, I want to help the civil engineering students mainly in Bangladesh with the resources that I have. All you need to do is pay a small subscription fee to get access to these resources.
In this website I have uploaded structural mechanics book. It contains 12 chapters. Each chapter covers one maintopic area that you may have studied on your course. At the beginning of each chapter the essential theory, important facts and relevant equations are presented and summarized in a “Fact sheet”. This is the essential information that you must know and be familiar with.
However, the main part of each chapter is devoted to a series of typical examination questions from various UK universities, and worked solutions which will demonstrate the application of the theory to a wide range of typical examination standard problems. At the end of the chapter there are additional problems with answers given so that you can obtain further practice in problem solving.
Structural mechanics, as with all mathematically based subjects, can only be completely mastered by attempting and solving problems for yourself. The more problems that you attempt, the more confident you will become about the subject itself. The presentation of the solutions is more detailed than would usually be expected under normal examination conditions. Additional explanation is given to most questions as an aid to understanding, and would not be expected to form part of the student’s solution to a given problem. However, in an examination you should always attempt to set out the solution neatly, giving sufficient explanation to demonstrate to the examiner that the nature of the problem is fully understood and the correct application of principles is being made.
In each chapter, immediately following the Fact Sheet, a list of the main symbols used throughout that chapter is given. These are generally commonly accepted standard symbols and reference to the list should minimize any difficulties, if you have been using different symbols in your own study of structural mechanics.


Civil Engineer, Manchester University (UK)

Degree Institute Year
Bachelor of Engineering, in Civil Engineering BEng,(Hons) The University of Manchester, Uk 2009
A-Levels Newham College of Further Education, UK 2006
O-Levels Chittagong Grammer School 2003

civil engineer
civil engineer
civil engineer

Work Experience

Engineer, DDCL

Main project features : Construction of Single Line Dual Guage Railway Track from Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar (DCRP ) via Ramu and Ramu to Gundum near Myanmar under SASEC: Chittagong –Cox’s Bazar Railway Project Phase-1

The objective of the PMC or management support consultancy service is to ensure that the project management unit (PMU) of Bangladesh Railway (BR) will be able to administer the contract of construction packages as well as supervision consultancy. Main job Responsibilities are as follows:
• Field inspection in Iconic Station building at Cox’x Bazar, other station buildings for instance, Dohazari, Satkhania and subsequent report writing.
• Review all plans such as quality assurance plan, submitted by the Contractor and Supervision Consultants and monitor whether the construction work is done following those plans.
• Review of all methodologies submitted by the Contractor, Supervision Consultant and NGOs and monitor whether the construction work, safeguard implementation is being done following those methodologies.
• Regular site visit to monitor the works of Contractor, supervision consultant and NGOs and report the findings to PD.
• Monitor the actual versus planned progress of the work and identify if any urgent issue to be addressed to expedite the implementation of the work.
• Examine IPCs and recommend if any correction is required.
• Arrange meetings, trainings, presentation of PMU officials, Supervision Consultant, Contractor, etc.
• Monitor the compliance or weekly working meetings and Monthly progress review meetings and identify if any urgent issue to be addressed.
• Examine due diligence reports submitted by the supervision consultant.
• Prepare presentations of project work.
• Attend meetings as per instruction of PD.
• Assist PD in the preparation of project proposal documents, draft letters of any kind, project completion report.
• Any technical and management responsibilities assigned by PD for the smooth implementation of the project.

Spectra Engineer’s Ltd

Cross Border Road Network Improvement Project (CBRNIP)

Main project features: Reconstruction of 4 no’s small to medium size bridges along with the approach roads on AH41 (Chittagong–Cox’s Bazar Road)
The purpose of the project is to improve national and regional transportation and logistics network, by rehabilitating and improving key international roads in Bangladesh, thereby contributing to economic growth of Bangladesh and South Asia.

Primary job responsibilities were as follows:
• Preparation of Interim Payment certificates (IPCs) for submission to Consultant for review and approval.
• Performed Bridge wise estimate (Patiya, Mazar Point, Sangu, and Mathamuhuri) for various BOQ items.
• Performed rate analysis of certain BOQ items.
• Prepared Shop drawings of retaining walls, abutment, and etc for consultant review and approval.
• Prepared PowerPoint presentation for monthly progress meeting.
• Mild use of AutoCAD.
• Documentation work.
• Supervision of girder casting and tensioning work at Sangu Bridge.
• Made regular videos of construction site demonstrating work progress for submission to consultants.
• Site visit to monitor progress of work.

ACE Consultants Ltd.

Chittagong City Outer Ring Road Project (CCORRP)

Main project features: Improvement of 15.2 Km of existing coastal embankment from mouth of Karnaphuli River (Patenga Beach) towards North construction of a dual carriageway road of freeway standard over the coastal embankment. Construction of associated flood measures; drainage outlet structures with flap gates.

Key job responsibilities were as follows:
• Re-alignment design between Chainage 2800-Chainage 3650 (850m) of Chittagong City Outer Ring Road Project (CCORRP) using Civil 3D software.
• Design of a T-junction.
• Produced Cross-section drawings for Chittagong City Outer Ring Road Project (CCORRP) using Civil 3D.
• Prepared status report comparing level difference between SMEC Level 2011 Survey and Current Joint Survey.
• Performed calculation of volume of earthwork needed for CCORRP from AutoCAD Civil 3D Model.
• Performed calculation of volume of materials such as stone chips, sand using Civil 3D.
• Review of contractors monthly Interim Payment Applications (IPAs) and Preparation of Interim Payment Certificates (IPCs).
• Performed rate analysis of certain BoQ items.
• Review of geotechnical data involving settlement plate, piezometer, inclinometer reading of CR-1 and CR-5 Structure submitted by Contractor.
• Produced Long section as well as Cross-section AutoCAD Drawings from Chainage 5+880 to 8+468 representing the current scenario of CEPZ boundary wall and Embankment toe line, after collapsing of the wall from Chainage 6860 to 6900 R/S due to rain cut, in order to analyse and prevent future collapse.
• Prepared Profile of Subsoil with Pile at CR-1, CR-2, and CR-4 structure before permitting contractor to commence with foundation work at these Chainage.
• Assisted contract specialist in preparation of variation log for the project and other contract related issues.
• Site visit to monitor laboratory tests for instance sieve analysis gradation, Calafornia Bearing Ratio ( CBR) test, concrete cube crushing, ultimate tensile strength of sample reinforcement, and progress of construction work.
• Attended Civil 3D training program conducted by International Highway Engineer from Vietnam at ACE consultant head office.